Asian-European Music Research Journal is a double blind peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes scholarship on traditional and popular musics and field work research, and on recent issues and debates in Asian and European communities. The journal places a specific emphasis on interconnectivity in time and space between Asian and European cultures, as well as within Asia and Europe.

The Asia-Europe Music Research Center at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (AEMRC), which is the physical site of the journal, is a new academic platform established by the conservatory on the basis of synergetic cooperation between academic institutes at home and internationally. The platform focuses on the study of musical cultures in the geographical arenas connecting Asia with Europe, specifically looking at the flows of musical ecologies and civilizations. It examines and compares the histories and current developments of multicultural practices between Asia and Europe, and explores the reinterpretation of traditional music resources in applied and sustainable contexts. The Centre seeks to promote in-depth academic exchange at home and abroad, with emphasis on interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaborations, including the promotion of cultural diversity in the digital humanities and musical knowledge building. It aims at providing a supportive research and teaching environment with a commitment to the larger interests of equality, tolerance, capacity building and the stimulation of artistic creativity, and the exploration of innovative approaches towards redefining fields of cultural study.

The journal is also associated with longstanding ‘key tertiary research bases’ focusing on humanities and the social sciences in Shanghai, including the Chinese Ritual Music Research Center and the Oriental Musical Instruments Museum, both at Shanghai Conservatory, as well as with the work of other departments at the Conservatory. The Center also cooperates with various Chinese and international universities and research institutions.