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Articles and Topical Essays          

01 Acceptance and Identification: Three Brides Who Did Not Have Crying Marriages, 1-12

Liu Hong [刘红]

01_Liu Hong 190401.pdf

02  The Interpretation of the Huqin as Recorded in the Laufer Collection, 13-24

Jin Qiao [金桥]

02_Jin Qiao 190402.pdf

03 Some Revelations about the Song Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang, 25-42

Kiều Tấn

03_Kieu Tan 190403.pdf

04 Observing a Pang Then Ritual of the Tày People in Lào Cai Province, 43-48

Phạm Minh Hương and Nguyễn Thuỷ Tiên 

04_Pham Minh Huong & Nguyen Thuy Tien 190404.pdf

05 Changes in Music Practices of the H’rê People in Quảng Ngãi Province, 49-58

Nguyễn Thế Truyền

05_Nguyen The Truyen 190405.pdf

06 “Music as a Gift from God”—On the Indigenization of Sacred Music in the Chinese Christian Church, 59-74

Sun Yue [孙月]

06_Sun Yue 190406.pdf


07 The Yandun Dagu Story – A Field Report Review, 75-78

Gisa Jähnichen

07_Gisa Jahnichen 190407.pdf

08 Unique Experience In the 3rd SEAMEX (Southeast Asia Music Education Exchange) Event, 2019, Indonesia, 79-82

Yin Xiang [尹翔]

08_Yin Xiang 190408.pdf

09 Book review on ‘A Phonemic Theory: On Traditional Chinese Music’, 83-86

Han Mei [韩梅]

09_Han Mei 190409.pdf

10 “Cultural Imperialism and the New ‘Yellow Peril’ in Western Classical Music” Study Day Report for Asian-European Music Research, 87-98.

Kawabata Maiko and Tan Shzr Ee

10_Kawabata and Tan 190410.pdf

11 My Impressions of the 1st China Musics Ethnographic Film Exhibition, 99-100

Terada Yoshitaka

11_Terada Yoshitaka 190411.pdf